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Activate Windows 10 Free

A bit of background

Activate Windows 10
– How to do it?

OS Windows 10 at the moment is not only the latest version, but also the most advanced. Microsoft engineers and programmers have been working on its development for several years, trying to satisfy all the needs, desires and wishes of its users.

So it happened! The Windows 10 system has gone into widespread worldwide use and, as promised by the developers, many improvements have been made. Together with functional improvements, we also improved the security system and the system for combating false licensing.

The KMSauto-Net programmers had to sweat a lot before they managed to make a stable activation option using their products. And as you understand, we did it, as usual, in the best possible way!

Windows 10 Activate
Windows 10 Activate

How to activate Windows 10?

There are many well-known activation methods, among them all kinds of activation keys that need to be selected or generated, as well as many unknown programs, most of which are malicious.

But as it has always been, people completely trust our developments and this is the best praise for us!

There is nothing easier than downloading one of our KMSauto products that suits you best, launching it and clicking the “Activate” button – this will solve the activation of Windows 10 forever!

Here is a list of our latest stable CCM activators that we are proud to share with you:

How to activate Windows 10 using KMS product?

It couldn’t be easier!

  1. Download the version of the KMSauto you like from the list above
  2. In the resulting program archive, find and run the .exe file as administrator, enter the archive password specified in the text file.
  3. In the KMS toolbar that opens, select the required Microsoft product and its version that you want to activate from the list.
  4. Click the «Activate» button and wait for the process to finish.
  5. After a window appears with a message about successful product activation, restart your PC

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  1. What is the password for the downloaded rar file? I didn’t get any text file apart from .rar file

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