Actual on: 20 June 2024

KMSauto Portable (2024 Release)

Download KMSauto Portable Version

KMSauto Portable download

KMS auto Portable 2024

How To Use KMS Portable

The portable version of the popular KMSauto activator.

The main differences between the portable version are, respectively. In its small size and the ability to run from any medium, such as a flash drive.

However, no significant differences between the classical KMS activator were noticed, the principle of operation remains the same.


  1. Download Portable KMS to your PC
  2. In the resulting program archive, find and run the KMSauto-Net.exe file as administrator, enter the archive password specified in the text file
  3. Select the required Windows or Office product and its version that you want to activate from the list
  4. Click the «Activate» button and wait for the process to finish
  5. After a window appears with a message about successful product activation, restart your PC

If you need more information, then go to the Manuals section

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