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Microsoft Toolkit

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Microsoft Toolkit

At the moment, a stable version of the MS Toolkit is available:

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What is Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit is a multifunctional program designed to activate Microsoft products (such as Windows, Office), as well as to improve computer performance.

The advantages of this utility are light weight and very reduced resource consumption. It is mostly suitable for low-power computers and for Windows Server operating systems, although it works well with all other Windows-based operating systems.


The Toolkit comes in the form of an archive with files in which you will find the password for it. This delivery method allows you to safely deliver the source code of the program to your PC, without the intervention of all kinds of vulnerabilities that hackers introduce.

Microsoft Toolkit Panel

Microsoft Toolkit is a 100% safe product that you can get from our website. If for some reason you did not manage to use it – write to us about it by e-mail: [email protected]


As I mentioned above, the Toolkit is used for the most part to activate licensed Windows systems of any family, starting with the XP version and up to and including the latest version of Windows 10.

Windows XP Windows Home Server Office 2003 (11.0)
Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Office 2007 (12.0)
Windows 7 (all versions) Windows Home Server 2011 Office 2010 (14.0)
Windows 8 Windows Server 2012 Office 2011 (14.0)
Windows 8.1 Windows Server 2012 R2 Office 2013 (15.0)
Windows 10 (all) Windows Server 2016 Office 2016-2022
  Windows Server 2019 Office 2023

Windows Server 2022

Microsoft Toolkit applicability table

Like the basic version of KMSauto 1.5.1, the MS Toolkit also requires 500 MB of free disk space and RAM.

How to use Microsoft Toolkit

!Before downloading the Toolkit from our site, it is recommended to disable the anti-virus programs installed on your PC, as well as temporarily disable the defender built into Windows!

I will explain why this is necessary.

This is a third-party program and for official licensed corporations such as Microsoft, which are not very happy with products that reduce their earnings from selling licenses. Therefore, the Built-in Windows Defender may conflict with such programs, since they will make small changes to the OS code (in order to enter the generated license code there).

What’s next?

  1. Download the archive with the program using the button above
  2. Unpack the archive using the Windows password (written in the text file of the archive for hints)
  3. We see the .exe file – run it as administrator
  4. In the opened MS Toolkit toolbar, select the object you want to activate (OS version or Office version), click “Start”
  5. We are waiting for the completion of the process and restart the computer.

We have recorded a video guide on working with Microsoft Toolkit

Done! You have completed everything and have a fully licensed product verified by a Microsoft Certification Authority!

microsoft toolkit windows 8.1

Product Benefits



For more than 10 years, our products have been recognized as the most efficient and trouble-free, thanks to constant improvement and updating.


By downloading our product you are 100% safe. If there is a security threat on your PC – MS Toolkit Windows 8.1 will notify you first of all!

Completely free!

All our KMS products are absolutely free for people and will always remain so!


  1. Thank you very much for your work! Your programs work great, I have been using them for several years!

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