KMSauto Lite

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KMS auto lite download

KMSauto LITE Stable Version 2021

How to use KMSauto LITE

How to run KMSlite?

  1. Download the KMSauto LITE to your PC
  2. After you have completed the first step, In the resulting program archive, find and run the KMSauto-Net.exe file as administrator, enter the archive password specified in the text file
  3. In the KMSauto LITE toolbar that opens, select the required product and its version that you want to activate from the list
  4. Click the «Activate» button and wait for the process to finish
  5. After a window appears with a message about successful product activation, restart your PC

DONE! You are the rightful owner of the licensed product!

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We have written a manual for handling KMS Windows 7

Detailed instructions for using KMSauto

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