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KMSauto-Net Official

At the moment, there are three current versions available:

KMSauto Net 1.5.1 (2021 Release) DOWNLOAD

KMSauto Net 1.5.0 Stable DOWNLOAD

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What is KMSauto-Net Official?

KMSauto-Net Official is not present – this is a free open source activator of popular Microsoft products, such as Windows OS (starting from XP and Vista, ending with 7-8-10 versions), as well as Microsoft Office (all versions, including 2021).

The popularity of this activator is justified by the fact that this product has been working stably and reliably for more than 10 years.

Millions of positive reviews around the world make KMSauto products an absolute bestseller in this market segment, because indeed, it has no equal in reliability.

Note. This software is not a product of deception by Microsoft developers, but is only designed to support students and other users who cannot afford to purchase licensed programs at their cost.

Technical requirements KMSauto-Net Official

KMSauto works on all Windows platforms and all Office versions known and supported ever:

Windows XPWindows Home ServerOffice 2003 (11.0)
Windows VistaWindows Server 2008Office 2007 (12.0)
Windows 7 (all versions)Windows Home Server 2011Office 2010 (14.0)
Windows 8Windows Server 2012Office 2011 (14.0)
Windows 8.1Windows Server 2012 R2Office 2013 (15.0)
Windows 10Windows Server 2016Office 2016
Windows Server 2019Office 2019
Windows Server 2022
Compatibility table

The only requirement is the availability of at least 500 MB of free disk space, as well as 300 MB of free RAM.

KMSauto statistics

For all the time known to us, KMSauto products have been downloaded more than 8 billion times around the world!

 We are sure that with our development we have helped a large number of residents of poor countries of the world, as well as ordinary low-income PC users. 

How to use the KMSauto

How to run KMSauto-Net Official

Before using the KMSauto activator, make sure that your computer meets the technical requirements of the product.

IMPORTANT! KMSauto-Net is “unwanted” software for Microsoft, so the built-in security system of Windows, as well as antivirus programs, quite often define KMSauto as an unfriendly program (after all, it activates licensed products that users were supposed to purchase for money).

Thus, for the full operation of the program, it is recommended to disable Windows Defender before downloading and launching KMSauto, as well as disable Antivirus programs for the time of activation (if they are installed on your PC).

Or ignore their notifications during the download and launch of the KMS program.

KMSauto Net Official process activate
How To Activate Windows
  1. Download the latest version of KMSauto to your PC
  2. In the resulting program archive, find and run the KMSauto-Net.exe file as administrator, enter the archive password specified in the text file.
  3. In the KMSauto toolbar that opens, select the required Microsoft product and its version that you want to activate from the list.
  4. Click the “Activate” button and wait for the process to finish.
  5. After a window appears with a message about successful product activation, restart your PC.

Use it with pleasure!

Additional Functions

In the functionality of the KMSauto-No toolbar there are additional functions, such as: optimization of PC disk space, cleaning your PC from “garbage”, a tool to improve processor performance.

KMSauto-Net Official System
Functionality of the KMS panel
  • To use them, run the KMSauto panel again and select the “System” item.
  • In the intuitive menu that opens, select the item you need and click “Run”.
  • Do not forget to restart the system after each performed action for the changes to take effect.

Advantages of KMS

The most striking advantage of the KMSauto-net is its reliability.
Throughout the existence of our software, the number of negative reviews about the work of the program were rare and they were associated to a greater extent with innovations in the security systems of Windows updates.
However, in the shortest possible time we successfully eliminated these minor flaws and at the moment there are fewer and fewer such situations.

In addition, the improved KMSauto panel is optimized for any type of user – from schoolchildren to old people. Absolutely anyone can use the program without any difficulties.

It is a well-known fact that KMSauto products are free and will always be so!
We will always strive to help those in need and will work for the good of society!

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